Florida International University / February 24-26, 2017


MangoHacks is a place for discovery. It is a 36 hour hackathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, innovation, and fun. We will welcome 250+ students from Florida and across the country, amazing mentors, and wonderful sponsors to create amazing things. MangoHacks is organized by students for students.

What is

MangoHacks is a chance to meet new people, learn something, make something, dream along, and have fun.

Everyone is welcomed - from the most experienced hackers, designers, and builders to the thinkers and the curious who have never heard of a hackathon. Regardless of your experience, there is something for you at MangoHacks.

We’d love for you to come learn something new, take the things you love (sports, art, traveling, dogs!) or care about (poverty, sea level rise, hunger) and combine them with techonology to make something different, something cool, or something to improve the world.

It'll be sweet. We Promise.


What is a Hackathon?

Don’t worry, this is not the kind of place where you break into a bank or do something illegal.

A hackathon is a creative coding and invention marathon. Students come together with an idea or a passion, get into teams, and build that idea into something tangible in 36 hours. At the end of the hackathon, the teams will show what they built to judges and other participants.

A hackathon is an awesome place to push yourself, learn new skills, and meet amazing people

When and where?

MangoHacks ’17 will take place at Florida International University’s PG6 Tech Station from February 24th to 26th. Get Directions

How long is it?

People will arrive between 6pm and 8pm on Friday, February 24th. Hacking will start at 10pm on Friday and go until 8am on Sunday, February 26th. Closing ceremony will end by 1pm on Sunday.

Who can come?

Anyone who is currently a college student or who graduated in the past year is welcome to participate. If it has been a while since you were a student you can still participate as a mentor for the attendees.
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Food? Oh yeah

Lots of it. Free, too! We’ll make you feel right at home. Enough food to keep you going for the entire 36 hours and then some. Caffeine, energy drinks, snacks and all. We’ve got you. If you have special needs, it’s all good too. Did we mention there’ll be lots of food?

How much does it cost?

ZERO! FREE! Nada. Zip. $0. Everything we provide will be free, so you only need to worry about what you’ll achieve during the weekend.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll need an ID and the stuff you’ll need throughout the weekend. Laptop, chargers, phone, the basics. You’ll probably also want to bring some basic hygiene products (toothbrush/toothpase, deodorant, a change of clothes) and anything to keep you fresh through the weekend. A sleeping bag might be cool, too, if you plan on getting some sleep.

How much experience do I need?

Don’t be afraid if you don’t think you have enough experience, a team or an idea. A hackathon is a great place for learning. We’ll have great mentors and tools to help you with development, ideas, and everything in between as well as tons of workshops where you can pick up all kinds of skills.

What’s the deal with teams?

It’s no biggie. You can hack solo, but the more the merrier. You can join a team of up to four people. You don’t need to have a team ready before the event - there will be amazing people who you can join at the event. If you have some friends in mind though, you’re more than welcome to stay together.

How do I get there?

Driving, Flying, Swimming… however you can! We’d love to have anyone who really wants to come, and if you need help figuring out a way that works, let us know at

Unfortunately, we will not be able provide individual travel reimbursements this year.

We encourage car pooling and a good ol' road trip. However, keep an eye out for info on buses coming to North Florida schools. Schools with the most registrations are more likely to get a bus, so get your friends to apply too.

Can I submit an older project?

We want MangoHacks to be a fair opportunity for everyone, so we ask that no code that will be part of a project is written before the event. You’re are welcome to come with an idea and a plan, though. Plus, making something completely new is pretty sweet.

Registration Process?

After you register we’ll send out confirmation emails in a rolling basis for you to reserve a spot.

Registration will be open until February 26th.

Code of Conduct?

Bottom line? Be cool to people around you. Read more.

Wait! What about...?

If you have any other questions, hit us up.

Soo, why Mango?

Mangoes are pretty sweet, and so are we.



  • 6:00pm Check-In
  • 7:00pm Dinner
  • 8:30pm Opening Ceremony
  • 9:30pm Team Building + Sponsor Fair
  • 10:00pm Hacking Begins


  • 12:30am Midnight Snack
  • 7:30am Breakfast
  • 12:30pm Lunch
  • 7:00pm Dinner


  • 7:00am Devpost Submissions Due
  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 9:00am Hacking Ends
  • 10:00am Expo Begins
  • 12:00pm Closing Ceremony Begins
  • 1:00pm End/Go Home


  • Soylent Pong, Cup Stacking, and more announced soon.


Interested in Sponsoring Us?

Email us at for more information!



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